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V E S S E L   T I T L E   S E R V I C E S

Vessel Title Services is a national vessel documentation company.  Our experts draw upon more that 40 years of experience in the marine industry.  By utilizing the latest technologies, we provide unmatched convenience and efficiency.

Our services are tailored for each customer's needs.  We offer an array of titling and search services.  Whether it be a Coast Guard Documentation transfer or a state level search, you can be sure each process is handled professionally and accurately.  Why take the chance that your transaction is not completed correctly or have to learn and understand the complexities of the process?  For a nominal cost, you can employ the expertise of a professional.

   We make it really simple and easy for you.
   We will prepare the necessary documents and include signing instructions.
   We can obtain federal Abstract and state information on your behalf.
   We specialize in assisting those that are unfamiliar with the process.
   Typically documents can be ready to sign within 24 to 48 hours.
   Everything can be conveniently handled electronically via web and email.


1Information Gathering - We will gather the necessary information and supporting documents about the parties and the vessel. 

2Research - Once the information has been collected, research is performed and the Coast Guard or state records are surveyed as needed.

3Document Preparation and Submission - We will prepare necessary forms to sign and submit them to the Coast Guard or appropriate state agency on your behalf.

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